Juan Jose Palacio, AKA Jota Jota, is a dedicated artist who instills his photographic production with creativity. Jota Jota has more than 25 years of experience in graphic design, still photography, aerial photography, video and graphic editing.

After starting his career as a graphic designer and commercial photographer in Mexico City, followed by 11 years of work in Austin, TX, today Jota Jota resides in South Florida as a photographer in sports, corporate, product shots and real estate.

His sensitivity to the diversity of audiences and tireless creation, made him the recipient of five State awards for graphic design while staying in Texas. Jota Jota has captured on camera different sporting events such as the Iron Man of Miami, from the air, and numerous triathlons from Miami to St. Agustin. His specialties include the design and production of printed materials, such as brochures, magazines, logos and publications of great size, including billboards.

His combined experience in photography and graphic design have enabled him to develop a dynamic vision to contribute to the decoration of restaurants and offices with photo murals of impact.

Jota Jota is an artist whose good taste and passion for technology push him to experiment with new trends constantly.